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  • DSL to Free Union

    August 20, 2002
    DSL to Free Union

    We are trying to get DSL to Free Union. There were over 50 signatures on the Post Office Petition.  Thank you for your interest in Sprint FastConnect¡ DSL, Sprint's high-speed Internet connection. We received your petition listing the local interest in DSL. All of the petitioners' phone numbers [...]

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    Storm Damage

    June 6, 2002
    Storm Damage

    A large gust front moved thru Free Union June 6th, 2002. It brought down the large Red Maple in town. Half of Free Union Road was blocked until VDOT came by and cleared the brush from the road.

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    Free Union Store is the Center of Activites in Rural Village

    Maupin Brothers Store in Free Union is located at the site of several older stores, two of which burned. One of the famous murders of the county occured in an early store. The country store acts as a clearing house fro news in the area,  as well as a post office, trading center and social center. [...]

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