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  • DSL to Free Union

    August 20, 2002 | News
  • We are trying to get DSL to Free Union. There were over 50 signatures on the Post Office Petition. 

    Thank you for your interest in Sprint FastConnect¡ DSL, Sprint's high-speed Internet connection. We received your petition listing the local interest in DSL. All of the petitioners' phone numbers (or access lines) have been checked for availability. All are within the areas served by the Charlottesville Main and Charlottesville North central offices. These central offices do have DSL equipment deployed. Your specific access lines, however, do not qualify for DSL because they are behind Digital Loop Carriers (or DLCs.) Currently DLCs do not support DSL. Technology to provide DSL service over DLCs is being tested. We will contact you as soon as a DSL solution becomes available in your neighborhood. In the meantime, you might consider Integrated Services Digital Network (or ISDN) high-speed Internet connection, an alternative high-speed option that is possibly available.