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  • This year, every  gardener I know is planting with  commitment! And the annual dilemma is stronger than ever. What do you do with your volunteers and leftover seedlings? Instead of the compost pile, think about passing them along to your neighbors.

    Neisser Garden

    Starting next weekend, May 16th, there will be a table set up at The  Free Union School from Saturday morning to Sunday evening to share extra materials. Contribute as you are able and take according to  your  need. It will be unmanned, and available  as community resource during these next weekends .  It will pose no threat to Hummingbird Hill Nursery. And a donation is  not necessary to receive. 

    If you prefer to leave seedlings with me during the week, just drop them by my house, 4158 Free Union Rd. (Turn in the Brethren Church parking lot, take the farm road next to the cemetery, and find my house on the left). I’ll have a table beside the parked truck for your contributions. 

    Pat Dowd  973-1165