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  • New Free Union Café appears to be a cruel hoax

    October 30, 2013 | News
  • BREAKING NEWS, after some further research we have found out the proposed "Store" is a hoax. The sign posted on the property was not approved by the county and after an anonymous complaint is being removed. The county contacted the home owner and informed them of their decision.

    EDITORS NOTE: We here at FreeUnion.com and this reporter would like to personally apologize for not getting this story right. We normally fact check all our sources, but this one fell thru the cracks. This falls into the category of other famous hoaxes, including Piltdown man and the Cottingley Fairies. We here at FreeUnion.com believe in this dangerous and ever violent world, there is NO ROOM for humor or play. No one should be allowed to post words in their front yard with out first getting all the approval from all government agencies. The first amendment does not apply to areas where it might be seen by the public. God Bless America!!!