2005 Free Union 4th of July Parade
It happens once a year....and we all shed our inhibitions and join in. You won't see this kind of quality in dumps like New York and L.A

Thanks to Mark Worthington for photos and comments.

Nancy Ward, starring as Lady Liberty...putting it in perspective.

Of all of the unofficial mascots, these are the most unofficial I have seen.

Officials...made it official.

Ahoy, Mitchells!

God Bless America...May we never need you guys.

Hello, Lady!

ATVs, Jeeps, and Cycles....oh, my!

Hollywood Royalty, on a budget.

Who is that man with the horn? It's...

...the Sheriff and his trusty K9 deputy.

Banner says, "We Throw Up and Catch it." You throw up and we're out of here!

Intimate juggling moment. Don't disturb them, they're very close.

America! America!

Nobody wants to walk behind the horses.

Who's that throwing candy?

It's the Wyant-mobile, with Josh, Blair, and Andy....

...and Josh...

...and Josh

Crushed velvet seats, riding in the back oozing down the street...

...waving to the girls, feeling out of sight....

Les Homemakers sont arrivée.

Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon.

Vesp-ecial Birthday Girl and her mom.


Hiya, Ila!

Surreal taxidermy float...

"No thanks, I'm stuffed!"

"$5,000 for this authentic rig, and they stick me in the back of the parade."

The police hold the traffic back so the kids can pick up the candy.

"Please, Mom...let's bring Lucy, I want to walk her in the parade!"




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