• 2017 Free Union Tree Lighting: Top Reason Free Union is Awesome.

    December 3, 2017 | News
  • Top Reason Free Union is awesome.

    1. Stray cows you hit in the road are legally yours to cook.
    2. Bikes in front of you on the road help with mindlefulness.
    3. Dr. Campbell now offers 2 prostate exams for the price of one.
    4. FU Stickers sales have reached 200 million in sales with 001% goes to charity.
    5. Constant road repavings are keeping VDOT 90% employed
    6. Recent increase in bald eagles in our area means a healthy option, instead of turkey for thanksgiving.
    7. Maupins Store Christmas decorations are now totally edible.
    8. Free Union Country School new swingset can alter earth’s magnetic field.
    9. Post Office Free snacks have feed thousands.
    10. Nancy Wards recovery means Maupins store will now be open 24/7