Free Union Parade 2012

Despite 100 degree temperatures and the largest power outage in Virginia history from a devastating storm that swept thru the region the day before, some hardy Free Union residents sucked it up and pulled off the Free Union Parade. This year there actually were more people in the parade than watching. The Free Union Home Makers banner was left laying on a car in the staging area as there was no one there to carry it.

A special thanks to all those that made the effort to come out and participate. The Albemarle Sheriff department and the AirRaid Juggling Club had large contingents.

Free Union Home Maker member Farrar Woltz prepares a float for the Parade

Equestrian Rider showing his colors.

Stella Dulan - Little Miss Free Union 2012 Driven by her manager - UVA researcher Thomas Dulan of Free Union


Mark Nizer with Official Parade Grand Marshall - the honorable Albert Morris.

Free Union Security making sure Miss Liberty (aka: Nancy Ward) has no security issues.

Pirates invade the Free Union Parade. Several incidents of swashbuckling were reported.


For some reason security was unable to keep this clown from infiltrating the festivities. Uncle Sam was

A Special Thanks to the Albemarle County Police Department for all their help and participation. NOTE: The person being detained in the center was released after posting bond on a loitering charge.

Awesome bike helmet.


Huge Crowds line the roads for the parade.

Free Union decorated for the Parade.

Albemarle County Police color guard leads the way.


Grand Marshall Albert Morris waves to fans as the parade winds thru downtown Free Union.

Miss Liberty (Nancy Ward) brings in the torch.

Local Bike Gang - rides into town, forcing crowds to flee for cover.


That hat is soooo Gangsta!


Stunt Scooter Rider blast past review stand so fast the camera can barely catch the action.


Little Miss Free Union Waves to her court.

Earlysville Fire Departmental added some great color and sound.

Smiles were a plenty.


AirRaid Juggling Clubs official stunt driver brings in the largest group of the day.

Two handlers oversea the juggling action as the AirRaid Juggling Club moves along.

Jason LeBlanc and Paul Johnson pass six clubs between them as they march.


Paul Johnson (recently engaged) breaks the hearts of all single ladies as he shows off his sic' juggling skills.

Danny Hodge - Impossible skate boarding and juggling!!!!

The AirRaid Juggling Club meets every Wednesday from 6pm-8:30pm.
See for more info.


Andrew Nesbitt and Paul Pompi keep the clubs flying.

Tim Hodge (Birding expert) and Free Union equestrian glide thru the center of town.

Equestrian Rider hides his Identity after stealing horse in parking lot. (NOTE TRUE)


This Clown was able to single handily lengthen the parade by 4 minutes. THANK YOU.

The Brethren Church Vacation Bible School bring in the days most colorful float.

Photoworks Creative Group delivered Uncle Sam in style.


Uncle Sam brought candy and smiles as he tossed the goodies to the parade attendees.

This classic car was a welcome addition. Thanks for coming out.

Apparently Albemarle County only has two Republicans. Might need to check on that.


…make that three….with a sweet ride!!!!

WINNER- Cutest "Float" in the Parade.

Crowds grab the only shade and stay hydrated while watch the parade.



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