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Village of Free Union History Pix

George and Nannie Maupin - George was a "circuit riding preacher" who delivered the sermon at three local bretheran churches (free union, Earlysville and sugar hollow, I believe)

The Parrot Place - built in 1856 - where Stan Maupin grew up. It was on a 330 acre farm just northwest of Wesley chapel on dirt road that lnks to paved road to boonesville (beleived to be across from where Farmington Hunt is now.

This is ann and cortlandt maupin in front of "The Elliott House" around 1945. The Elliott House was located on the hill on the left just before you get to the bridge about two miles north oc free union (on the way to Earlysville) It overlooked the river.

Ann and Cortlandt Maupin in front of Free Union store around 1951

Highland Farm

Home of George Maupin who was the preacher of the Free Union Bretheran Church for many years He died around 1956

Free Union School

Photo taken by Belle Bing in 1924. This was once a high school, but became an emelentary school before Albemarle opened.

Free Union School

Free Union School


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